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Space Solutions

Our frequency control solutions for the space industry meet the most extreme environmental challenges – extreme temperatures, space radiation, vibration and massive G-forces. 

Many government agencies and commercial programmes use Rakon oscillators across the globe, with some customers having an association with Rakon for 40 years or more.


International space programmes supported: Alphabus, AMOS, ASTROSAT, ATV, BepiColombo, CBERS, Chandrayaan, Cryosat, DORIS, EarthCARE, EgyptSat, ELISA, ENVISAT, Galileo, Globalstar, GSAT 6/9/15/17/19, Herschel-Planck, Himawari, HTV, Iridium, IRNSS-1D,  Jason, JUNO, KOMPSAT, LEOStar, Mars 2020, Mars Express, MARS-Mission, METOP, MTG, O3B, PARASOL, PLEIADES, PRISMA, Rosetta, PSLV-25/PSLV27, PSLV-38 (Cartosat), SARAL, SAR-Lupe, SATCOM, Sentinel, SeoSar, Spacebus, SPOT, SWARM, Syracuse, TanDEM-X, THEOS and Venus Express.

Applications: radar systems, navigation & communication satellites, scientific & observation satellites, exploration probes, spacecraft transportation vehicles.

Application Fact Sheets: Space, NewSpace

Product Fact Sheets: High-Rel Products for Space, NewSpace Solutions

NewSpace Solutions

  • NewSpace Equipment & Oscillators
  • Cost-effective technology
  • Short lead times
  • Broad product range and strong heritage in relevant industries (Hi-Rel, telecommunications, precision positioning)
  • Designed and manufactured in Europe (ITAR-free)
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