A world leader in advanced timing solutions for 50+ years

Welcome to Rakon

We solve difficult timing and synchronisation problems for some of the world’s largest companies by providing the vital frequency/ timing references needed in much of today’s communication and positioning technologies.

Serving the multitrillion dollar telecommunications, positioning and space & defence industries, our expertise lies in the design and manufacturing of next generation solutions which require the highest levels of accuracy.

Rakon products are at the heart of a wide range of systems and devices, such as 5G networks, emergency beacons and satellites. Our technology will enable applications in the near future like remote medical procedures, autonomous transport and more.


Who we are

Cutting edge technology

We’re enabling the lightning speed of 5G networks, precision positioning for autonomous vehicles and synchronisation for cloud computing. We're even helping to determine the precise orbits for satellites. Our products are at the heart of much of today’s communications and positioning technology.




Strong customer focus

Our success is based on our ability to understand precisely where our long-term customers and ecosystem partners are going and developing solutions that enable them to get there. We’ve been doing it for the last 50+ years. Our trusted brand is why we are a preferred supplier to universal household names.

Prepared for change

In technology industries like ours, change is the only constant. A combination of technology leadership, a broad product portfolio servicing several growth markets, and an agile global manufacturing platform provides the necessary stability and allows us to more easily adapt to change and maintain growth.

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Rakon is listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX) with the ticker symbol ‘RAK’.

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Investor news

NZX Announcements: for a full list of Rakon Limited NZX announcements, please visit the Rakon announcements page on the NZX website.

Rakon upgrades earnings guidance and appoints Steven Tucker to the Board

Rakon upgrades earnings guidance and appoints Steven Tucker to the Board

Rakon (NZX: RAK), a world leader in the provision of advanced frequency control and timing solutions, today announces an upgrade to its earnings...

29 September 2021 11:43:47 AM

Rakon enabling the connected future

Rakon 2021 annual meeting address, presentation and results

The Annual Meeting of Shareholders of Rakon Limited was held on Thursday 12 August 2021. Presentation material and the Voting Results are available...

13 August 2021 11:49:30 AM

Investor news

Rakon (RAK) additional information for shareholders

Following the distribution of the Notice of Meeting for Rakon’s Annual Meeting due to be held on 12 August 2021, some shareholders have asked to see...

28 July 2021 1:16:59 PM

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Meet our Board of Directors

Bruce Irvine

Chair and Non-Executive Director

Appointed to Board 18 November 2005 and last elected at 2018 annual meeting.

Bruce was Managing Partner of Deloitte Christchurch from 1995 until his retirement in 2007 to focus on his director roles.

Bruce is a professional director with extensive experience across a wide range of industries. He is a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Directors, as well as an Accredited Fellow of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ).

He is currently Chair of Heartland Bank Limited, Market Gardeners Limited and Skope Industries Limited. He is also a director of Scenic Hotel Group Limited, House of Travel Holdings Limited and a number of other private companies.

Bruce is involved in a voluntary capacity as a Trustee of Christchurch Symphony Trust.

Brent Robinson

Executive Director

Appointed to Board 5 November 1991 and last elected at 2019 annual meeting.

Brent has worked at Rakon for 42 years and has been CEO / Managing Director since 1986, during which time Rakon has established global operations and markets. In his capacity as Chief Technology Officer, Brent drives the business' technology and innovation.

Under Brent’s leadership Rakon has grown into a global business and a recognised leader in the frequency control product industry.

Brent is an Honorary Fellow of the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand. He was awarded the New Zealand Hi-Tech Trust Flying Kiwi Award in 2011.

Lorraine Witten

Non-Executive Director

Appointed to Board in 10 March 2017 and last elected at 2020 annual meeting.

Lorraine is a professional director with extensive experience in technology and Information Communications Technology (ICT) sectors, as well as competence in strategy and entrepreneurship. She is a Chartered Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Directors and has more than 25 years’ experience in senior management and finance roles, including as past General Manager of Telecom Mobile from 1997 to 2001.

Lorraine is a director of TIL Logistics Group Limited, Horizon Energy Group and Pushpay Holdings Limited. She is also Chair of Simply Security Limited, a company she founded in 2007, and Chair of vWork Limited.

Lorraine is a past Chair of Kordia Group Limited and a past board member of New Zealand Trade & Enterprise, among others. She is a member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ).

Lorraine holds a Bachelor of Management Studies with First Class Honours from the University of Waikato.

Yin Tang Tseng

Non-Executive Director

Appointed to Board 10 March 2017 and last elected at the 2020 annual meeting.

Yin Tang (Tony) is the current Chair of Siward Crystal Technology Co. Limited, a substantial shareholder (16.6%) in Rakon.

Tony has more than 30 years of experience in the frequency control product industry, having founded Siward in 1988 and grown the company to become one of the leaders in the industry globally, with revenue of US$100+ million.

Tony is a director of Securitag Assembly Group Limited.

Keith Oliver

Non-Executive Director

Appointed to Board 10 March 2017 and last elected at the 2020 annual meeting.

Keith is a professional director and a business advisor with Alto Capital, where he is also a director. He is a past director of a range of NZ technology companies operating in international markets in Asia, Europe and the Americas, several of which he has been a founder and investor in.

Keith is currently Executive Chair of Blackhawk Tracking Systems Limited, and a director of Wellington Drive Technologies Limited.

Keith holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) with First Class Honours from the University of Auckland.

Keith Watson

Non-Executive Director

Appointed to Board 21 September 2018 and last elected at 2019 annual meeting.

Keith is a professional director with substantial experience in the technology and engineering sectors. He is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Directors in New Zealand and has over 30 years’ experience in senior VP and executive roles, including positions with Hewlett Packard in North America, Asia and New Zealand. He was Managing Director of Hewlett Packard, New Zealand from 2004 to 2016. Keith has governance, management and leadership experience in companies across the Asia Pacific region, the Americas, Central Europe, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

He has previously chaired Opus International Consultants Limited and is a past board member of the New Zealand Technology Industry Association (NZTech) and the University of Auckland Business School.

Keith is currently Chair of the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER), and a director of Acumen Trust Limited, Acumen Republic Limited, Counties Power Limited, ECL Group Limited and Complete 3D.

Our key markets continue to provide excellent opportunities for growth



Cellular network infrastructure expenditure will continue to be strong on the back of increased 5G network roll-outs worldwide. In parallel, Private LTE and 5G networks for enterprise and industrial automation and the synchronisation of cloud computing will provide new market opportunities over an extended period.


Space & Defence

The commercialisation of the Space sector called ‘NewSpace’ is the fastest growing sector of an industry that is expected to triple within this decade. Rakon is well positioned in this market with a line of dedicated OCXO, VCXO and XO products.



From rescue beacons to off-road autonomous vehicles, Rakon is excelling in areas that require high accuracy, and where safety and life criticality is typically associated. Rakon’s advanced GNSS products are a perfect fit where extremely accurate and reliable positioning technology is required in rugged environments.

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