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Equipment and System Solutions

For the space market we offer equipment and system solutions for different types of payloads and spacecrafts, including GNSS Receivers and Master Reference Oscillators for telecommunications mega-constellations. We also provide retrofit and upgrade solutions for existing radar and EW systems, allowing improvements in overall system performance and extending the life of the equipment. For radar in particular, we are specialised in the design and manufacturing of custom subsystems, from customer requirements through to production and customer support.

Our design team has extensive experience in RF & microwave (frequency band spans from baseband up to 18 GHz), digital pulse compression subsystems and other digital modules as well as expanders and compressors for various environmental conditions such as ground-based, naval and airborne systems. Our system solutions also include digital synthesizers, frequency multipliers, Local Oscillators, Coherent Oscillators and Master Reference Oscillators. We combine synthesizer and low noise oscillator technology through our strong capabilities in the Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) domain.

Equipment and System Solutions


Master Reference Oscillators (MRO)

Applications: telecommunications payloads
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SYSTEM NS Transceiver SRD

NewSpace S-Band Transceivers

Applications: high data rate inter-satellite and satellite to ground station communications
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NewSpace GNSS Receivers

Applications: precise timing and orbit determination
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Phase Locked Oscillators

Applications: High frequency and stable frequency generation
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Subsystems – DPCSS

Applications: retrofit or upgrade of civil air traffic control and military surveillance radars
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Digital Synthesizer Modules

Applications: instrumentation, radars and defence applications
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Frequency Multipliers

Applications: defence and instrumentation
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