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Rakon provides a wide range of highly reliable crystal filters for various space, defencand high-reliability applicationsOur crystal filters include bandpass filters (narrow or wideband), notch/stopband filters, linear phase or constant group delay filters, phase and/or amplitude matching filters and monolithic filters. All are based on quartz, langasite or lithium tantalate. 



Hi-Rel Grade Crystal Filters

Key specifications:
• Frequency (Fn): 5 to 150 MHz
• Bandwidth: 0.001 to 1%
• Temperature (T): -20 to 60°C
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RakonXpress Products

For more information about RakonXpress filters, visit the RakonXpress product page.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a crystal filter?

What is the 3 dB bandwidth of a crystal filter?

What are pass band ripples in a crystal filter?

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Visit our technical documentation section for application notes, white papers, fact sheets and product briefs.
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