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PPS Disciplined OCXO

Our PPS Disciplined Oscillator range consists of 24-hour to 48-hour holdover OCXOs (1.5 µs) that are developed to support telecom grandmaster clock designs. The oscillators provide exceptional frequency stability versus operational temperature (FvT), ranging from 0.5 ppb to 0.1 ppb pk-pk. The smallest of these OCXOs measures just 25 x 22 mm.

When working in conjunction with an industry-standard GNSS module, this PPS Disciplined OCXO uses a 1PPS input to compensate for ageing and guarantees the phase error on defined temperature excursions.

Applications: edge grandmasters, DU/CU/servers, cell-site routers, front-haul switches, NIC time cards, test equipment and GNSS modules.

Country of origin: France


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Product Name Image Package Size (LxWxH) Nominal Frequency (Fn) Frequency Stability (FvT) Temperature Range (°C) Long Term Stability 24 Hour Holdover
ROD2522S2 25 x 22 x 12 mm 10 to 20 MHz 0.5 ppb pk-pk -40 to 85°C ±0.2 ppb/day
±10 ppb/month
±50 ppb/year
1.5 µs
ROD3827T2 38 x 27 x 12 mm 10 to 20 MHz 0.5 ppb pk-pk -40 to 85°C ±0.2 ppb/day
±10 ppb/month
±50 ppb/year
1.5 µs
ROD5242T1 52 x 42 x 14 mm 10 to 20 MHz 0.1 ppb pk-pk -40 to 85°C ±0.1 ppb/day
±10 ppb/month
±50 ppb/year
<1.0 µs
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