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At the heart of all telecommunications is the need for precise timing and synchronisation for the network to deliver the speed and reliability that users demand.

Over the years we have developed leading solutions to address the needs of the telecoms market, with Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators (OCXOs), including the world’s first ASIC-based OCXOs (IC-OCXOs) with higher reliability, lower power and form factor, through to Ultra Stable Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXOs) that push the boundaries of conventional performance limits.

Rakon has preferred supplier status with nearly all of the leading global suppliers of telecommunications equipment.

synchronisation in digital communications

Blog: Synchronisation fundamentals for digital communication systems

Telecommunications Applications

Radioheads and Small Cells

Solutions for traditional RRUs, O-RAN compliant 5G RRUs, active antenna units, 5G small cells…

Base Stations, CUs and DUs

Solutions for BBUs, CUs and DUs...

Data Centres

Solutions for DU servers, Network Interface Cards, Spine & ToR/Leaf switches, Timing Grand Masters…

Switching and Routing

Solutions for Microwave backhaul ODUs/IDUs, Time Grand Masters, Front Haul Switches, Cell Site Routers, Backhaul switches…

Access Networks

Solutions for G-Fast Networks, xPON Systems, Remote PHYs, Fixed Wireless Terminals…

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