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High Reliability Space Crystals

ESCC Qualified Manufacturer: Rakon France is an ESCC Qualified manufacturer. For ESCC (European Space Components Coordination) QPL (Qualified Parts list), please click  here

PROFILE: Rakon's high reliability crystal resonators are available over a wide temperature range and provide high stability in harsh mechanical environments. They are sealed under vacuum or neutral gas (nitrogen) in cold or resistance welding according to the applications. Rakon’s Space qualified crystals are manufactured in accordance with the European Space Agency’s qualified PID (Process Identification Document). They are available in three package types:

♦ Type T807: ESCC specification number 3501/018 and corresponding previous specifications 3501/001, 3501/008, 3501/011 and 3501/012.
♦ Type T1507: ESCC specification number 3501/019 and corresponding previous specifications 3501/002 and 3501/009.
♦ Type T2111: ESCC specification number 3501/020 and corresponding previous specification 3501/003 (non ESCC qualified i.e. require a LAT1).

All specifications can be found on the ESCIES (European Space Components Information Exchange System): by entering the exact specification number into the search box.

Additionally, Rakon now offers crystal resonators fully manufactured and tested following the guidelines of MIL-PRF-3098, with two available product series:

♦ Product series RHX3500: from 14 to 140 MHz, in package type T807, HC-35 or TO-5, with dimensions ϕ8.26 x 6.8 mm
♦ Product series RHX3700: from 3 to 71 MHz, in package type T1507, HC-37 or TO-8, with dimensions ϕ12.95 x 6.8 mm

APPLICATIONS: Used in Space XO, VCXO, TCXO and OCXO. Designed and manufactured to meet the most demanding requirements of navigation, observation, scientific mission satellites and interplanetary probe applications.