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Digital Synthesizer Modules

Our plug & play Digital Synthesizer (DS) is a versatile FPGA-based, low noise frequency synthesizer that can go up to 4 GHz in standard but up to the Ku-band on request. It can be combined with our low noise oscillators (OCSO or OCXO) to generate Local Oscillator (LO) signals for up and down conversion of RF signals. The waveform generator is highly flexible and programmable (standard interface: USB or SPI/BPX upon request) with several modes possible (CW, chirp, list, pulse, burst). 

Applications: clock reference, military applications, instrumentation, radar

Country of origin: France


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Product Name Image Package Size (LxWxH) Nominal Frequency (Fn) Temperature Range (°C) SFDR Phase Noise Floor Frequency Step Contact Sales
DS H01 174 x 131 x 54 mm 0 to 4.0 GHz -25 to 70 °C 70 dBc Typ. 320 MHz: -154 dBc/Hz
4.0 GHz: -145 dBc/Hz
7 µHz Contact Rakon

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