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Rakon releases high reliability Space Crystals with superior performance

Rakon 4 September 2018

Rakon has announced the release of two new Space grade crystal resonators – extending its range of high reliability Space solutions even further. The RHX3500 and RHX3700 are designed, fully manufactured and tested following the guidelines of MIL-PRF-3098.

The crystal resonators are sealed under vacuum or neutral gas (nitrogen) in cold or resistance welding according to the application. Operating over a wide temperature range from -55° to 125°C, the RHX3500 and RHX3700 provide high frequency stability within harsh mechanical environments. 100% product testing ensures every unit meets precise specifications. The RHX3500 and RHX3700 series of crystals are screened to verify their reliability and performance over time and at end of life – enabling superior performance under extreme conditions.

Key Features:

  • Various options: AT, SC or IT cut available depending on specifications
  • Manufactured with premium quality swept quartz crystal
  • Low ageing: less than 1 ppm over 20 years
  • Low phase noise and low g-sensitivity designs
  • Wide operating temperature ranges from -55°C to 125°C. Specific high temperature designs up to 180°C available on request

Very low ageing and low phase noise performance are unique capabilities within these product families. View the RHX3500 and RHX3700 datasheets or alternatively email us at for more information and support.


Rakon's heritage in High Reliability

Rakon’s frequency control solutions for the Space market meet the most extreme environmental challenges – extreme temperatures, space radiation, vibration and massive G-forces. Despite this, they must operate perfectly as failure is not an option. Rakon is established as a world leader in the Space and High Reliability markets and is the largest independent Europe-based producer for space grade oscillators and resonators.

Rakon has a long history of providing high-reliability products, with some customers having an association with Rakon for 30 years or more. Many government agencies and commercial programmes use Rakon oscillators across the globe, in systems where high performance is required under the most demanding conditions.

Rakon has been ESA-certified and a supplier of space qualified crystal resonators since 1979. Rakon’s Space qualified crystals are manufactured in accordance with the European Space Agency’s qualified PID (Process Identification Document).

For more than 20 years Rakon has also supplied state of the art Ultra Stable Oscillators (USOs) for which outstanding frequency stability is guaranteed through the use of Rakon’s QAS (self suspended quartz) crystal resonators inside.