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ITSF Webinar Series: How O-RAN-based 5G networks are changing the way synchronisation is designed into telecom infrastructure

Rakon 16 March 2022

Don't miss this unique opportunity to dive into the challenges and requirements around 5G synchronisation in O-RAN based networks.


Date & Time

Tuesday 22 March 2022
13:30 GMT, 09:30 EDT, 06:30 PDT, 21:30 HKT



How O-RAN-based 5G networks are changing the way synchronisation is designed into telecom infrastructure:

O-RAN presents new possibilities for 5G network deployments. Its distributed architectures and openness present opportunities for a cost-efficient and innovative multi-vendor ecosystem. Synchronisation between the network elements is one key requirement in achieving the target 5G performance and here the O-RAN concepts introduce new challenges to traditional synchronisation implementations.

In this webinar, a panel of ITSF conference speakers & synchronisation experts discuss the possibilities, challenges and requirements around 5G synchronisation in O-RAN based networks and how these affect the choices telecom engineers need to make when designing and implementing their O-RAN infrastructure.


Part 1: Understanding synchronisation and timing in the 5G Radio Access Network (RAN)

Kishan Shenoi, Chief Technology Officer, Qulsar
5G is a wireless methodology that is the enabler for a wide variety of services and applications. These include human communication such as voice, video and multimedia as well as machine-to-machine communication like IoT, cellular-to-vehicle and cyber-physical systems. However, as a wireless methodology it has some significant timing requirements for enabling the different features and functions provided by the network to end devices. The first section of this webinar focuses on the role of synchronisation and timing in 5G, particularly as it involves the Radio Access Network (RAN).

Part 2: Getting the practical deployment of 5G O-RAN synchronisation right

Paolo Novellini, Principal Engineer, AMD
Synchronisation architectures face various practical deployment issues, and the standards continuously evolve to address such problems. This part of the webinar addresses various architectures involving the physical layer and the challenges involved, including the latency of the transceivers and requirements for long holdover.

Part 3: Designing synchronisation into the O-RAN ecosystem equipment

Ullas Kumar, Applications Specialist, Rakon
Ullas will round off the presentations elaborating on the specific synchronisation deployment challenges of the various components in the O-RAN ecosystem such as RRUs, front-haul Switches, CU/DUs and Telecom Grand Masters.

Live Q&A

Azeez Ashiru, Field Applications Engineer, Rakon - Panel Moderator


Tuesday 22 March 2022

13:30 GMT, 09:30 EDT, 06:30 PDT, 21:30 HKT


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EMA-ITSF-Webinar-Mar22-Kishan finalKishan Shenoi - Chief Technology Officer, Qulsar
Kishan Shenoi received his Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate degrees from IIT-Delhi, Columbia University, and Stanford University respectively. He is a member of the Steering Group ITSF and NIST-WSTS. He is named on over 50 patents and has several publications, including two books: Digital Signal Processing in Telecommunications (1995) and Synchronization and Timing in Telecommunications (2009). He is currently CTO of Qulsar, developing fit-for-purpose solutions for timing and synchronisation in the fields of communications, power, sensor networks, and the Internet of Things.

EMA-ITSF-Webinar-Mar22-Paolo finalPaolo Novellini - Principal Engineer, AMD
Paolo Novellini is Principal Engineer at AMD, working as a RF IO Specialist, supporting strategic accounts in EMEA. Previously, Paolo worked for Alcatel-Lucent and for Infineon Technologies. His main areas of expertise include burst data recovery circuits, network timing synchronisation, oversampling techniques and low latency transmission architectures. Paolo has a Master’s Degree in Microelectronics from Politecnico di Milano and holds 17 granted patents.

EMA-ITSF-Webinar-Mar22-Ullas finalUllas Kumar - Applications Specialist, Rakon
Ullas is a Telecom Systems Engineer with the Business Development Team in Rakon, Singapore. Prior to joining Rakon, he worked in telecom synchronisation for the last 22 years specialising in traditional and packet synchronisation techniques. He has presented papers on various forums, published technical articles and represents Rakon at multiple standardisation bodies. He holds a Master’s degree in Electronics Design and Technology (Telecom) from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and an MBA from the National University of Singapore.

EMA-ITSF-Webinar-Mar22-Azeez finalAzeez Ashiru - Global Account Manager / Field Application Engineer

Moderating this webinar panel is Azeez Ashiru, global account manager and field application engineer for Rakon, based in the United Kingdom. Azeez has a high level of technical expertise in Frequency Control Products (FCP), R&D, Electronics, Test Equipment, Microcontrollers, and Radio Frequency (RF). He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from the Manukau Institute of Technology and a post-graduate diploma in Engineering Research from the Auckland University of Technology.