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Rakon launches best-in-class ultra-low phase noise VCXO

Rakon 17 March 2022

Rakon has released its latest ultra-low phase noise VCXO – the RVX1490U. This oscillator features a superior phase noise floor of -173 dBc/Hz, enabling significant improvement in phase noise performance and is available in frequencies ranging from 76.8 to 153.6 MHz (see figure below). The VCXO is designed for applications such as 5G Remote Radiohead Units (RRUs) and small cells, GNSS ground stations for satellite communications, high-speed ADC/DAC/SERDES clocks, instrumentation and optical transport equipment.

The RVX1490U uses a high-Q (quality) factor quartz resonator with 3rd overtone technology together with Rakon's proprietary electric circuit design to deliver outstanding phase noise performance. It has excellent all-causes frequency stability of ±20 ppm over a wide temperature range of -40 to 95°C (inclusive of 20 years of long-term stability). The RVX1490U comes in a low profile 14 x 9 mm SMD package making it suitable for a wide variety of timing applications.

NEW-RVX1490U Fig 153M6 PN

One of the key areas supported by the RVX1490U is the evolution of high performance 5G networks. As the requirements for data rates increase, most 5G and future generation networks will require higher modulation rates. The only way to achieve these modulation rates is to pack data bits ever closer together at very high frequencies, requiring a much more efficient data transmission channel. The efficiency of the communication channel can also be called ‘spectral efficiency’. Rakon’s ultra low phase noise VCXO at higher frequencies enables network operators to accomplish the necessary spectral efficiencies required in the network.

Product enquiries:

The RVX1490U is part of Rakon's comprehensive range of precision timing and frequency control solutions. To access the datasheets within this product series, visit the Low Phase Noise VCXO page on our website or contact your local Rakon representative for more information.