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Rakon releases ±20 ppb stability Hybrid TCXO for 5G networks to enable fronthaul and radio synchronisation

Rakon 9 September 2021

Rakon has announced the release of the RTH7050PA, a high performance Hybrid TCXO that incorporates Rakon’s proprietary Mercury+™ ASIC. The product features a hybrid technology, where the ASIC has two functionalities, namely temperature compensation and a heated element to keep the temperature of the resonator constant. The oscillator achieves a frequency stability of ±20 ppb over a wide temperature range from -40 to +105°C. Its frequency slope over temperature is as low as 0.5 ppb/°C.

The RTH7050PA uses a high-Q crystal and an in-house quartz manufacturing process, resulting in superior close-in phase noise performance, an all causes stability of ≤ 4.6 ppm/20 years. Nominal frequencies are available from 10 to 50 MHz in a 10 pad, 7.5 x 5.5 mm footprint size.

5G radios and front-haul synchronisation systems use very low bandwidth servos, down to mHz range. To meet the stringent 3GPP air interface requirements for radios and time alignment error requirements stipulated by ITU-T for front-haul routers and switches, frequency references with very good short to medium term performances are essential.

Compared to traditional TCXOs, Rakon’s Hybrid TCXOs offer 10 times the performance of Stratum 3 TCXO in terms of:

  • Frequency slope (temperature sensitivity): ±0.5 ppb/°C (vs ±20 ppb/°C)
  • Temperature stability: ±20 ppb (vs ±300 ppb)
  • Ageing: 3 ppb/day (vs 30 ppb/day)

The extremely low temperature sensitivity ensures minimal dynamic noise on the low bandwidth system output, across the entire temperature regime. The close-in phase noise performance enables systems to optimise cost performance by rendering second stage phase noise clean up redundant.

Key specifications:

  • Excellent frequency stability: ≤±20 ppb over -40 to 85°C (see Figure 1. -40 to 105°C available upon request)
  • Low frequency slope: 0.5 ppb/°C typ.
  • Superior close-in phase noise; noise floor -160 dBc/Hz for 10 MHz devices
  • Fast warm-up time (±20 ppb): <15s at -25°C, <20s at -40°C
  • All causes stability: ≤4.6 ppm/20 years
  • Excellent g-sensitivity: 1 ppb/g
    PA RTH7050PA Fig-1 FvsT 20 ppb

The unique frequency specifications enable the RTH7050PA to meet both 5G network synchronisation and air interface requirements. It is the ideal choice for applications such as 5G RRHs/RRUs, 4G/5G small cells, optical networks and microwave transmission systems.

Product Enquiries:

Email For more information, please view the RTH7050PA datasheet.