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Rakon launches Small Form Factor IC-OCXO with 8hr holdover for cloud data centres and next-generation telecom networks

Rakon 25 January 2024
Rakon has launched its first IC-OCXO products combining its in-house designed Mercury™ semiconductor chip and XMEMS® resonators under the brand MercuryX™. MercuryX OCXOs provide ultra-high stability and an extended holdover of 8 hours. in real-world conditions, all in a small form factor package size. The new OCXOs are an excellent fit for timing and synchronisation in AI computing / data centres and 5G, 5G Advanced and 6G telecommunications networks as well as satellite terminals and instrumentation. 

Reza Sedehi, Head of Product Management at Rakon says: “The MercuryX products showcase the performance gains that are possible with next-generation quartz technology such as XMEMS. The initial 1000+ samples of MercuryX have generated high interest and positive feedback from tier-1 customers. The new products build on Rakon’s successful track record of consistently delivering high-quality ASIC based OCXOs (IC-OCXOs) in large volumes for over a decade.” 

MercuryX follows the launch of Niku™, Rakon’s latest in-house designed ASIC semiconductor chip for Ultra Stable TCXOs, as the next entry in the company’s AI computing product portfolio. 

The new MercuryX OCXOs offer a three-fold performance improvement on the current IC-OCXO range in terms of stability (±1.5 ppb), frequency slope (0.05 ppb/°C) and ageing (0.2 ppb/day). Even more importantly, MercuryX satisfies the much sought-after holdover requirements (8 hrs) for data centres and advanced telecom networks. 

 MED-ROM1490X 1.5ppb FvT

 The development of its own in-house resonator and chip technology allows Rakon to control its product roadmap, creating market-leading products like MercuryX that are independently manufactured in its factories in New Zealand and India, providing customers with high security of supply. 

The first product in the range is the ROM1490X in a 14 x 9 mm package, to be followed by a 7 x 5 mm product in mid 2024. Rakon is already working on the next iteration of the Mercury chip, with a new ASIC to be released in 2025 for further performance gains. 

Key performance parameters of the ROM1490X: 
  • Package: 14.2 x 9.2 x 6.5 mm, 6-pad, SMD
  • Frequency (Fn): 10 to 50 MHz
  • Operating temperature: - 40 to 95°C 
  • Frequency stability (FvT): ±1.5 ppb
  • Holdover: 8 hrs
  • Frequency slope (ΔF/ΔT): 0.05 ppb/°C 
  • Ageing: 0.2 ppb/day   
  • G-sensitivity: 0.9 ppb/g 
Custom MercuryX products with further optimised long-term stability through advanced I²C bus digital control, GNSS 1PPS input and/or machine learning are available on request. 

Enquiries and availability  

The MercuryX ROM1490X is available for sampling now. For more information on the new MercuryX IC-OCXO specifications and technology and to order samples, please visit our website at