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Rakon releases two new GNSS Receivers as part of its NewSpace equipment portfolio

Rakon 13 November 2023

Rakon is pleased to announce two new NewSpace GNSS Receivers to complement its GNSS Receiver Daughter Board (DB) released last year. The GNSS Receiver SINGLE and GNSS Receiver DUAL are advanced Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) GNSS Receivers with low power consumption and are specifically designed for small and nanosatellite platforms and LEO PNT payloads


GNSS Receiver SINGLE / DUAL on PCB104


GNSS Receiver SINGLE / DUAL in mechanical housing


Both pieces of equipment feature multi-band and multi-constellation support (including the newly released E6 signal) and can process signals from up to 448 channels simultaneously to provide high-performance position, velocity and timing. 

Equipped with a rad-hard microcontroller and a clock management function, they support GNSS data monitoring, innovative navigation algorithms like orbit propagation and clock synchronisation. The solution includes a Rakon NewSpace OCXO, with the microcontroller disciplining the oscillator using the GNSS signals. This enables the OCXO to deliver excellent frequency stability, both long and short-term. This level of integration is unique in the market and builds on Rakon’s expertise and track record as a provider of high-quality space equipment and oscillators.

Based on the GNSS Receiver SINGLE design, the GNSS Receiver DUAL features a second receiver module. This solution is ideal for applications requiring cold/hot redundancy, high availability GNSS receiver or full attitude GNSS receivers (Heading, Roll and Pitch). 
Both solutions are available in a PC104 format or as stand-alone equipment protected by a space-grade mechanical housing.

Product Enquiries 
For more information and datasheets, please view our NewSpace page at or contact Laurent Elzear. If you are attending Space Tech Expo Europe, 14-16 November 2023, Bremen, Germany, visit us at Hall 4, stand E06.