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Rakon releases small form factor GNSS Receiver for LEO satellite constellations

Rakon 16 June 2023

Rakon is proud to introduce its new GNSS Receiver DB (Daughter Board), the first product in its suite of next generation equipment for NewSpace missions. The GNSS Receiver DB is a compact off-the-shelf GNSS Receiver with low power consumption and is specifically designed for small and nanosatellites. With multi-band and multi-constellation support, the equipment can process signals from up to 448 channels simultaneously to provide high performance position, velocity and timing.

The GNSS Receiver DB supports NewSpace satellites and nanosatellites across most GNSS satellite constellations. Supported GNSS and Radio Frequency (RF) signal bands, important for modern navigation purposes worldwide, are listed below:

NEW-GNSS Receiver DB constellations and bands

This miniature equipment can be used on its own, but can also be easily combined into larger-sized motherboards, such as Rakon’s PC104 PCB. Moreover, it can be adapted into other space platform equipment to meet specific requirements.

The GNSS Receiver DB’s mono-antenna can be set to active or passive. An active antenna enables the GNSS Receiver to reject unwanted radio frequencies (RF) and lower the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) using low noise amplifiers (LNAs) close to the antenna. It provides high transmit power and better impedance match to the antenna.

Key Specifications:

  • Support 448 multi-constellation, multi-band channels
  • Time To First Fix (TTFF): Warm start < 20s, Cold start < 45s
  • Position accuracy < 1.2 m (800 km altitude)
  • Precise 1PPS signal output
  • Low power consumption: 0.6 to 1.1W
  • Low supply voltage: 3.3 V

The GNSS Receiver DB is part of a larger range of frequency control and timing synchronisation products for NewSpace missions, consisting of NewSpace Equipment as well as Phase Lock Oscillators, Ultra-Stable Oscillators, Low Power & Low Phase Noise Oscillators and Clock Drivers. Our products operate on platforms and payloads supporting Telecommunications, Earth Observation (EO), Scientific Research, LEO PNT (Position, Navigation and Timing) and SBAS (Space Based Augmentation Systems).

Product Enquiries:

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