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Rakon releases Hi-Rel Space Master Reference Oscillator equipment with 100ppb stability over 20 years.

Rakon 17 November 2022

The Hi-Rel Space MRO (Master Reference Oscillator) equipment is specially designed for GEO telecommunication satellites where precision, frequency stability and ultra-low phase noise are crucial. It achieves a long-term frequency stability down to ±100 ppb over the 20 years of lifetime. Output frequencies are available from 5 to 200 MHz and the MRO can easily be connected to a Master Local Oscillator to create a Frequency Generation Unit. The output level can be adjusted per port.

The equipment is based on 3:1 redundancy architecture, single point failure free and offers 99.99% reliability.

The current baseline includes an integrated DC/DC converter which allows the clock to be powered directly from the primary satellite bus, an ON & OFF TM/TC and one block of 8 outputs @ 10 or 100 MHz. Custom solutions are available on request, including synchronisation to a 1PPS signal, different stability class oscillators, digital electronic frequency control, or additional outputs.

Key features:

  • Output frequency: 5 to 200 MHz
  • Power bus: 28 to 110 V
  • Typical phase noise @100 MHz:
      -105 dBc/Hz (@10 Hz)
      -125 dBc/Hz (@100 Hz)
      -145 dBc/Hz (@1 kHz)
      -155 dBc/Hz (@10 kHz)
  • Overall frequency stability: ±100 ppb for 20 years
  • 3:1 redundancy
  • Reliability: 99.99%


  • Output 8 to 48 outputs
  • Primary power bus: 100 V
  • On & Off & health TM/TC
  • Output power: -7 to 5 dBm
  • Isolation between 2 outputs > 50 dB


  • Internal reference oscillator according to stability requirements
  • Digital electronic frequency control via CAN bus

Product Enquiries:

For more information, please contact Laurent Elzear, Business Development Manager – Space solutions.