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Rakon launches USO with superior Allan Deviation for NewSpace PNT satellite constellations

Rakon 19 September 2022

Rakon has launched its latest Ultra Stable Oscillator (USO) RK409AVNS with excellent Allan Deviation (ADEV) achieving 2.5 x 10-13 (Typ. tau = 1s). This product addresses the growing demand for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) PNT (Positioning, Navigation and Timing) constellations with a critical requirement of high-accurate frequency output signals.

Rakon’s RK409AVNS USO was developed for the LEO-PNT SmallSats market (see Figure 1 below) which supports NewSpace, autonomous, and 5G networks. For these applications, an ultra-stable frequency stability oscillator with superior short-term stability performance is essential.


The RK409AVNS USO delivers the best Allan Deviation performance currently on the market (see below Fig 2, ADEV chart for details). Its frequency stability versus temperature is ± 0.2 ppb Typ. over an operating temperature range of -10 °C to +60 °C. Standard frequencies are available at 10 and 10.23 MHz (other frequencies available on request).


The RK409AVNS is a more cost-effective solution for LEO when compared to the Space USOs for the MEO (Medium Earth Orbit) or GEO (Geostationary Earth Orbit).

Key features are also included as follows:

  • Power supply 12 V
  • Radiation TID: 30 krad. No SEL up to LET: 43 Mev-cm2/mg
  • Short deliver time: 8 weeks for EM (Engineering Model) and less than 30 weeks for FM (Flight Model)
  • Ageing (max.): ± 0.05 ppb/day, ± 0.1 ppb/year
  • Phase Noise (Guarantee): 
        1 Hz: ≤ -115 dBc/Hz
        10 Hz: -138 dBc/Hz
        100 Hz: -145 dBc/Hz
        1 kHz: -150 dBc/Hz
        100 kHz: -155 dBc/Hz

Product Enquiries:

The RK409AVNS is part of Rakon's NewSpace comprehensive range of GNSS precision positioning timing and frequency control solutions. To access the datasheets within this product series, visit the NewSpace OCXO and NewSpace Solutions pages on our website or contact your local Rakon representative for more information.