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Rakon launches best-in-class low g-sensitivity TCXO

Rakon 17 August 2022

Rakon has released the RPT7050LG, a low g-sensitivity TCXO with excellent stability in a 7.0 x 5.0 x 1.5 mm package size. With a guaranteed sensitivity of ≤0.1 ppb/g, it is currently the most advanced compact low g-sensitivity TCXO on the market. This ultra-stable TCXO is built with Rakon’s proprietary Pluto+2TM ASIC and XMEMS® technologies, resulting in ±0.2 ppm stability over the extended temperature range of -55 to 105°C. Nominal frequencies are available from 10 to 52 MHz.

With guaranteed low g-sensitivity of ≤0.1 ppb/g and ±0.2 ppm stability over an extended temperature range, the RPT7050LG can operate under high vibration levels and within harsh temperature environments. Applications include defence, precision GNSS, avionics, telecommunications, Real-Time Kinematics (RTK), positioning and navigation.

Built on Rakon's XMEMS® nanotechnology, the product has a high-Q crystal at the heart of the frequency generator. This enables the TCXO to generate a constant, highly accurate frequency and achieve best-in-class stability in a small form factor.

Main features:

  • Extended operating temperature -55 to 105°C
  • Fast start-up time: 5 ns (for a 3.3 V device)
  • Low power consumption
  • Excellent long-term stability (ageing): ±1 ppm/year, 3 ppm/10 years
  • Clipped sinewave and CMOS output options available
  • Low phase noise (see Figure 1)


Product enquiries:

The RPT7050LG is part of Rakon’s Low g-Sensitivity TCXO product family. Please download the RPT7050LG datasheet from our website, or visit our website for other defence, positioning and telecommunications oscillators. Alternatively, contact your local Rakon representative for more information.