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Rakon launches 30,000g High G-Shock TCXO

Rakon 10 February 2022

Rakon has released the RPT5032GX, a miniature surface mount Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO), which withstands shock events at an acceleration of more than 30,000g.

Its robustness is derived from Rakon's patented RGX crystal. With a unique mechanical construction, the RPT5032GX survives high levels of shock and vibration while maintaining a low acceleration sensitivity of 0.8 ppb/g (typical value).

At the heart of this Ultra Stable TCXO is Pluto+™, the latest in a range of in-house developed frequency control ASICs. It features improved phase noise performance which remains stable under high vibration (as shown below).

NEW-RPT5032GX 50MHz PN plot1200x600

Available in an industry-standard package, the RPT5032GX measures 5.0 x 3.2 x 2.0 mm. The wide operating temperature range of -55 to 105°C (stability < ±0.5 ppm) makes it ideal for harsh environments. With a typical power consumption of only 10 mW, the RPT5032GX is suitable for portable, battery-powered applications.

The RPT5032G is recommended where a wide temperature range and high shock tolerance are required such as in defence applications or industrial applications like down-hole drilling and data logging.

The RPT5032GX is part of Rakon's comprehensive range of precision timing and frequency control solutions. To access the datasheets within this product series, visit our Ultra Stable TCXO web page, or contact your local Rakon representative for more information.