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Ultra-Low Noise (ULN) reference TCXO for 5G RRUs and small cells

Rakon 14 April 2022

Rakon has released a 38.4 MHz TCXO for clock reference applications where ultra-low phase noise and low wander generation performance are crucial. The RPT1490LN is a QUALCOMM qualified reference part supporting the 5G FSM100xx platform. Its registered QUALCOMM design reference numbers are FSM10055 and FSM10056. This TCXO was designed to meet the requirements of radio applications and other high bandwidth applications performing QAM-like modulation.

The RPT1490LN boasts the following unique features:

Ultra-low phase noise performance

The RPT1490LN has a noise floor as low as -175 dBc/Hz (see Figure 1 below). The unique combination of high stability and low phase noise enables the device to be the single reference oscillator for network synchronisation and phase noise clean up.


Excellent frequency vs temperature stability

One key specification of the RPT1490LN is its ±0.3 ppm frequency vs temperature stability in the -40 to 95°C range. This stability over temperature is a basic need for the limited wander generation and minimal dynamic clock error.

NEW-RPT1490LN for RRU diagram

Wide temperature range

Next-generation fan-less radios operate at higher operating temperatures; therefore a version of the device operating up to 105°C is available on request.

 High lifetime accuracy

The RPT1490LN uses Rakon's patented "Tilt Compensation" in voltage control. This solution guarantees the lifetime accuracy of the oscillator and ensures that the end system is within the limits of the frequency tolerance at all conditions.

 Compact package size and low power consumption

The RPT1490LN boasts a compact package of 14.5 x 9.5 x 6.0 mm, which has been made possible by combining Rakon's high-Q small form fact XMEMS® crystal, proprietary Pluto+™ ASIC, with in-house electric circuitry. Because of the integrated design, the RPT1490LN consumes half the power of other TCXOs in the same class,

Product Enquiries:

The RPT1490LN is part of Rakon's comprehensive precision timing and frequency control solutions. To access the datasheets within this product series, visit the Ultra Stable TCXO page on Rakon's website or contact your local Rakon representative for more information.