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Rakon’s dual output digital signal generators for radar systems

Rakon 24 November 2015
Rakon has launched the CI F07, a Dual Output Digital Signal Generator capable of generating chirps at frequencies of up to 75 MHz. The dual output channel is a unique feature of the CI F07; both In-phase and Quadrature (I/Q) signals can be used independently, or coupled to drive an analogue frequency modulator – enabling high frequency chirp generation.

Whereas other Rakon RADAR sub-systems CI F04, CI F05 and CI F06 are mostly dedicated to pulse compression, the CI F07 is suitable for use in Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) RADAR, or any application requiring chirps.

Key features include:

  • A dual channel pulse expander unit (resulting in reduced part count)
  • Two selectable waveforms for each channel
  • Built-In Test Equipment (BITE) functionality
  • A high precision clock embedded
  • Large internal memory, allowing the storing of 1000 µs signals @ a 7 MHz bandwidth

Rakon can customise the module to the requirement. The CI F07 is the ideal choice when a highly flexible solution for enabling pulses, bursts and chirps is required. Available in a 175 x 152 x 27.1 mm package.

The CI F07 datasheet is now available from Rakon's website. Please email: for further information and support, or browse the products section on our website to learn more about Rakon’s many synchronising solutions for analogue Radio Frequency (RF), digital Input/Output (I/O) communications and digital computing.