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ITSF Webinar Series: Synchronising the Future - Emerging Technologies in Data Centre Timing and Synchronisation

Rakon 10 June 2024

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Learn more about the critical role of precise timing in data centres and the evolving technologies that ensure accuracy and reliability in modern distributed systems.


Date & Time

Wednesday 19 June, 2024
San Francisco 07:00 (PDT), New York 10:00 (EDT), London 15:00 (BST), Paris 16:00 (CEST), Delhi 19:30 (IST), Singapore 22:00 (SGT)



In the realm of data centres, precise timing synchronisation is paramount. In a new era of distributed computing and increased AI workloads, resulting in a rise of hybrid multi-cloud infrastructures, the lack of data integration and consistency becomes a significant challenge.

Accurate time synchronisation emerges as a key solution, improving data integrity, reducing latency, and bolstering security. The webinar will also shed light on the latest synchronisation architectures, comparing traditional methods with new technologies that promise greater accuracy and scalability for modern data centre demands.




Part 1: The need for Timing and Sync in data centres 

Ankur Sharma – Principle Architect, Equinix

As organisations increasingly adopt hybrid multi-cloud and data centre infrastructures, they face challenges related to seamless integration, data consistency, and system reliability. This presentation explores these complexities and proposes a solution-centric approach leveraging accurate time and synchronisation. The challenges identified include data inconsistency, latency issues, and security concerns, exacerbated by disparate timekeeping across environments. We delve into the importance of precise time synchronisation in mitigating these challenges, highlighting its role in enhancing data integrity, reducing latency, and fortifying security measures. Analysing real-world scenarios and industry best practices, this talk aims to provide insights into the transformative impact of accurate time and synchronisation solutions in achieving a harmonised and resilient hybrid multi-cloud and data centre ecosystem. We will also discuss the requirements of time-sync in data centres and hybrid-multi-cloud systems and how time can be distributed to end devices in this ecosystem.


Part 2: Deployment of Sync across AI-enabled data centres 

Nir Laufer - Distinguished Architect, Nvidia

In this section, we will explore the pivotal importance of precise timing synchronisation in data centre applications. We will delve into the unique challenges posed by applications such as distributed computing and AI workloads, highlighting the crucial role that accurate timing plays in operating, optimising, and troubleshooting these high-end applications. The presentation includes real-world examples and use cases demonstrating how precise timing is a fundamental enabler for unlocking their full potential.


Part 3: High-performance synchronisation devices for data centre synchronisation

Ullas Kumar, Applications Specialist, Rakon

The final segment of this technical webinar delves into data centre synchronisation architectures, covering both traditional methods like NTP and PTP and emerging technologies that offer enhanced accuracy, scalability, and efficiency. We examine how these evolving solutions address the increasing demands of modern data centres, ensuring precise timing and coordination across distributed systems. Beyond established protocols, the talk explores innovative, high-performance reference clocking devices explicitly designed for data centre synchronisation. These cutting-edge devices streamline deployment processes, reduce infrastructure costs, and expedite time to market, making synchronisation solutions more accessible and practical.


Live Q&A

Azeez Ashiru, Field Applications Engineer, Rakon - Panel Moderator




ITSF webinar AI Datacentres 2024 Ankur Sharma EquinixAnkur Sharma – Principle Architect, Equinix

Ankur Sharma is a technology leader at Equinix who spearheaded the creation of Equinix Precision Time™, a global time-as-a-service initiative and product. He currently leads the technical efforts around Equinix Multi-Cloud Networking Services. With extensive experience in data centres and multi-cloud, he serves on the Workshop on Synchronisation and Timing Systems (WSTS) Steering Group Committee, where he chairs the finance, data centres, and multi-cloud systems domain. Ankur is also an active steering committee member of ATIS Time and Money, a prominent North American event for the financial sector. He holds multiple patents in time and synchronisation for data centres and multi-cloud systems. Additionally, Ankur has experience in social messaging, media, bioinformatics, and networking.


ITSF webinar AI Datacentres 2024 Nir Laufer NvidiaNir Laufer - Distinguished Architect, Nvidia

Nir Laufer oversees the architecture, research, and promotion of Nvidia's next-generation synchronisation and timing solutions. With 20 years of experience, he began his career at Wintegra, developing clock recovery algorithms for PWE and PTP. He later joined ADVA/Oscilloquartz, holding executive roles, including VP of PLM, responsible for timing delivery and assurance solutions. Nir represented the company in ITU-T SG15 Q.13 and contributed to standards development. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Bar-Ilan University and an MBA in strategic management and financing from Tel-Aviv University.

ITSF webinar AI Datacentres 2024 Ullas Kumar RakonUllas Kumar - Applications Engineering Manager, Rakon
Ullas Kumar is an Applications Engineering Manager at Rakon with an interest in network synchronisation. He has expertise in representing in standard bodies, designing synchronisation architectures for transport and cellular wireless products, and defining features and performance of new products. Ullas' technology exposure includes IEEE1588 precision synchronisation protocols, ITU-T-based synchronisation standards, and synchronisation architectures of wired and cellular wireless systems. He holds an MBA from the National University of Singapore and an MTech from the Indian Institute of Science, India.

EMA-ITSF-Webinar-Mar22-Azeez finalAzeez Ashiru - Global Account Manager / Field Application Engineer, Rakon

Moderating this webinar panel is Azeez Ashiru, global account manager and field application engineer for Rakon, based in the United Kingdom. Azeez has a high level of technical expertise in Frequency Control Products (FCP), R&D, Electronics, Test Equipment, Microcontrollers, and Radio Frequency (RF). He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from the Manukau Institute of Technology and a post-graduate diploma in Engineering Research from the Auckland University of Technology.