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Rakon Oven Controlled Voltage Controlled SAW Oscillator (OCVCSO) - LNO10000B3

Rakon releases its highest frequency – 10 GHz ultra-low noise OCVCSO

Rakon has announced the release of its highest frequency oscillator: the LNO10000B3. The Oven Controlled Voltage Controlled SAW Oscillator (OCVCSO) generates a frequency output..

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Rakon's annual shareholders' meeting was held on Friday 7 August

Rakon's Annual Shareholders' Meeting was held on Friday 7 August at Ellerslie Event Centre in Auckland. ASM Presentation, Chair's and CEO's Addresses The ASM presentation material..

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connected devices and people

Enabling the connected future

Imagine a world where specialist doctors could perform surgeries remotely, with the use of robots and real time data transmitted and received from the other side of the world...

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Ultra-low phase noise 1.6 GHz SAW VCXO (VCSO)

Rakon releases unparalleled ultra-low noise 1.6 GHz VCSO

Rakon has released the latest 1.6 GHz Voltage Controlled SAW Oscillator (VCSO) in its RSV2522-1600 series. The RSV2522-1600 series is now available offering unparalleled phase..

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Rakon Chief Operating Officer appointment

Rakon Limited ('Rakon') announces that Sinan Altug has commenced his role as Chief Operating Officer based in New Zealand effective, 22 January 2020. As reported in July 2019 when..

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Rakon launches world’s smallest OCXO in a 7x5 mm footprint

Rakon has announced the release of the world’s smallest ASIC based OCXO meeting the stringent requirements of 5G Remote Radio Head (RRH), small cell, optical network and microwave..

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Pho mask used in photolithography process

Quartz XMEMS™: the pathway to the future of oscillator technology

Rakon announces it has released its XMEMS™ technology, based on the company’s NanoQuartz™ photolithography process. XMEMS™ delivers unprecedented resonator and oscillator..

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Neptune™ Ultra Stable TCXO (US-TCXO) - RNT7050 series

Rakon announces the release of its Neptune™ product family

Rakon has launched its Neptune™ Ultra Stable TCXO (US-TCXO) product family – the RNT7050 series. This new series offers best in class frequency stability of ±50 ppb for 5G and..

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High frequency low phase noise SAW VCXO (VCSO) RSV2522

Rakon introduces VCSOs with high frequency and low phase noise performance

Rakon has launched a new product family, expanding its broad product offering further. The ‘RSV’ Voltage Controlled SAW Oscillator (VCSO) family, uniquely positions Rakon SAW..

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Connected city

Rakon everywhere

Rakon products can be found over land, under the sea, above Earth and beyond. The telecommunications market is undergoing a massive transformation. New technology and applications..

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Radiation tolerant COTS XO RK105 / VCXO RK205

Rakon releases the radiation tolerant COTS XO RK105 and VCXO RK205

In order to respond to the growing needs of the New Space market (Low Earth Orbit satellites with a short mission lifetime), Rakon has recently released a radiation tolerant XO..

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Rakon's high reliability Space-grade crystal resonator RHX3500 and RHX3700

Rakon releases high reliability Space Crystals with superior performance

Rakon has announced the release of two new Space grade crystal resonators – extending its range of high reliability Space solutions even further. The RHX3500 and RHX3700 are..

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